D.O.P.E Univercity Entertainment Group



Founded by David Rust. Administrative ran by Michael Cooper. D.O.P.E Univercity Entertainment Group stands for (Defying Other People's Expectations). There is no limit to where your dreams and hard work can take you. Break societal standards and create your own.


Owner of barbering brand ProFadeX, Michael "Coop" Cooper met a young David Rust (Dat Boy DOPE) as a client at one of his earlier shops. They formed a bond over the years relating over mutual interests including music, business, women, philosophy, amongst other topics. Once finding out that David was a talented artist, Michael then began mentoring him and utilizing his connections within the music industry to help him. Finding success with landing multiple label meetings, enhancing the quality of sound within the music, and overall expanding their respective networks, Dat Boy DOPE took it upon himself to form a company that houses majority of his needs as an artist but most importantly one that he OWNS. Thus, in 2016, the idea of D.O.P.E Univercity Entertainment Group was born with plans of creating a hub that houses resources for creatives to execute their visions whether it be through music, podcasting, or any form of entertainment.


Dat Boy DOPE


Dat Boy DOPE, (Defying Other People's Expectations), is a New York based artist from the Elmont area. Growing up in a Jamaican household he was exposed to a wide range of music. Intrigued by the masterful story telling from artists such as Buju Banton, Capelton, Jay Z, and Mary J. Blige, at 13 he decided he wanted to create music for a living. Over the years he has cultivated a style that is rooted in personal experiences like depression, relationships, and family struggles fused with soulful undertones and a focus on delivering colorful wordplay with conviction. With various mixtapes and songs scattered on the internet over the years, Dat Boy DOPE finally released his first album Reroute in March of 2019 with the goal of becoming as influential as some of his early inspirations. Notable venues he has performed at include New York’s Webster Hall, Santos Party House, SOB’s, Atlanta’s Eleven45, and Boston’s Middle East.

Michael Cooper


ProFadeX traces its roots back to Spring Lake, North Carolina. Michael Cooper - who is affectionally known as “Coop” become known for his work of cutting by many admiring college friends and professors at his university. Not long after in 2009, Coop decided to take his desire to further his education to Queens, NY. The “Big Apple” allowed him the opportunity to practice his craft and offered a formal education. The Long Island Barber Institute equipped him with the tools to execute his dream of becoming a renowned barber and industry leader.

Michael graduated top of his class and was the first student awarded the opportunity to compete in barber battles! His hard work and dedication to his art form brought him much success and ignited a love for the grooming and service industry. Inspired by his early success Michael started traveling and competing aggressively.

The experience showed him the currents standards of the industry and he recognized PROFESSIONALISM and EDUCATION was missing. Coop dedicated himself to bringing those attributes to everyone and his clients are genuinely excited about the experience of education and professionalism that is and always will be eloquently delivered.

In August of 2017, ProFadeX was established by renowned “Master Barber” - Michael Cooper. With over 12+ years in the barbering industry Michael has utilized his education, advanced practices, and overall remarkable talent to create the ultimate experience for men, women, and children. With you in mind the ProFadeX brand operates beyond the level of mediocrity and believes in excellence for services rendered. ProFadeX begins in PROfessionalism and end with the very best eXperience.